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Whether booked with Encounter Africa Safaris or other companies, there things you need to prepare for before gorilla trekking. If you book your gorilla trekking tour, you should make sure that we have sent you a detailed Itinerary with dates that correspond with your travel and trekking schedule. This is because gorilla permits are for a given date so if you come to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park when your gorilla permit is expired, you will find problems. That’s why at Encounter Africa safaris, we book your permits, send you scanned copies and emphasize the date of gorilla trekking. Check this before gorilla trekking or even before you leave home to make sure that everything is on schedule.

What to do before gorilla trekking

Other things done before gorilla trekking is to make sure that you have the right gorilla trekking gear. With this, we mean the right clothes for gorilla trekking. Make sure you have your trousers, long sleeved shirts, garden gloves, a hat, insect repellents, hiking boots as recommended. Encounter Africa Safaris will normally send a list of what should be packed during our pre tour preparations. Make sure you have the right gear before gorilla trekking.

Ensure that you are physically fit before gorilla trekking. If you have read, you will realize that much as gorilla trekking is an enjoyable activity, it can be strenuous and a certain level of physical fitness may be required. Just to make sure that you are prepared for your trek, Encounter Africa Safaris encourages all its clients to do some physical exercises, a bit of hiking to ensure that they are in good shape before gorilla trekking. If you feel that your levels of fitness are still lacking, Encounter Africa Advises that you consider hiring a porter to help you during the trek. A porter normally costs USD15.00.

At the lodge before gorilla trekking, make sure you have enough sleep, do not drink too much alchol since you have to wake up early to prepare for your gorilla trek. Make sure that you have your packed lunch, enough drinking water and a walking stick normally provided by most lodges. With this, you will be good to go

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