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bakers lodge in murchison falls national park

On Friday 19th June 2015 we set off to Murchison Falls National Park for a sales familiarization trip with the below objectives in mind. To visit Murchison Falls National park in order to orient ourselves with accommodation properties (mainly Bakers Lodges) and activities that can be done by tourists while at Murchison. Specific objectives were, To visit Bakers to experience the level of service and hospitality at the lodge, To participate in tourist activities in Murchison Falls National Park so that we have a fill and a better understanding while packaging and selling them to individual clients and agents and, To visit other Accommodation properties in Murchison Falls National Park

Our interest in Baker’s Lodge was to establish the exact location on the southern bank in relation to other lodges and the park head offices/ferry point. Indeed it was established that a part from Red Chilli, Baker’s Lodge is the closest followed by Kabalega Wilderness Lodge, Murchison River Lodge and Nile Safari Lodge in that order. One is able to drive from the lodge to the park headquarters in less than 15 minutes which is a plus and a great selling point to the lodges located on the southern bank.

Just like all the other lodges belonging to Uganda Exclusive Camps and Lodges group, we discovered that indeed Baker’s Lodge is very unique from all other lodges around and can not be compared with any. Its unique design and built using local materials blending with nature and inline with conservation principles bringing out a true African experience in the wilderness.

The rooms are spacious, well designed and large enough to even accommodate three beds if some one needs a triple. They have a nice and clear view of the river even when one is inside which is another strong selling point. Trails to each room are designed in such a way that they path through the behind instead of the front reducing on the would be disruption and noise if they were in front of the cottages.

I was very much impressed with all the meals we had at the lodge. Very well cooked, tasty and different menus every day. No meal was delayed at any one time meaning that the chef and all those in service are professional. The only thing is that I observed is that sometimes, they served too much food confirming feedbacks I always get from clients that Ugandan Lodges serve too much food.

I must recommend management and staff of Baker’s who did not look at us as their fellow staff but as guests. They went all the way to give us the hospitality you would expect from any well established Lodge. From the day we arrived, they welcomed us with a glass of juice, took us through briefing and constantly reminded us of key issues like if we needed a wake up call, menus, etc. Operations Managers made sure that they check on how the day went and Godfrey, Chris and Liz were always helpful. So to me staff and management is same like that of Buhoma and Ishasha Wilderness camp which to me was very good since clients who book exclusive Camps and lodges expect the same level of standards and professionalism from staff.


As a safari consultant, I was out to lookout and experience popular tourist activities in Murchison Falls National park.

We started off with an evening delta cruise where our guide in fact noted that we were very luck people. With our skipper Kenneth took us through the history of Murchison Falls National Park, safety precautions and what we were expected to see while on this cruise. It was on this cruise that we managed to establish all lodges and how far each is from the ferry point. We were lucky to have a glimpse of elephants crossing from one side to the other while flight in water. There were so many hippos and crocodiles and we were able to spot two shoebill stocks.

We were privileged to have Jean Paul as our guide. He took us for an early morning game drive which was very successful by any standards. We managed to see most wildlife there is in Murchison Falls National park including a pride of lions and hyenas that was very close to the trail. Jean Paul was very good at spotting animals and new which trail to follow.

During this Fam trip, we discovered that “Top of the Falls visit and hike” is one of the most neglected activity by consultants yet it is very important if you want to have an all round true picture of the falls. We drove to the top of the falls and later slopped downwards where we were picked by a boat back to Wild Frontiers Boat offices. The hike itself was fair as it is not so strenuous and should be recommended to tourists driving to Murchison Falls National Park.

As tour consultants, we should be able to encourage more delta trips in our packages and Top of the falls hike if and when clients have time and can afford as it (top of the falls) brings out a true picture of the falls rather than offering a boat cruise to the base as the only option.

We took off some time to visit other Lodges in Murchison Falls National Park as we were more interested in establishing the level of service, location, drive times from ferry area and ofcourse comparing them with the Standards at Baker’s Lodge. Lodges visited include Bakuba Safari lodge, Fort Murchison Lodge, Kabalega Wilderness Camp, Murchison River Lodge and Nile Safari Lodge. While these lodges were not expecting us,

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