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Aerolink reviews their routing

Aerolink Uganda is the first internal air company to have championed scheduled internal flights to Uganda National Parks. They opened shop in 2013 and have successful established themselves in Uganda. This Kenyan company first operated scheduled flights to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park landing at Kihihi Airstrip and Kisoro for the north and southern sectors of the forest respectively and later introduced flights to Queen Elizabeth National park landing at Mweya and Kasese Airstrips. In Murchison Falls National Park, they land at Bugungu Airstrip as well as Pakuba. All these were daily scheduled flights to and from Entebbe

As business grew, they then expanded their route to Kidepo National Park and Semiliki National Park. Their efforts indeed reduced on the monopoly which had been caused by Fly Uganda and actually their entry into the market caused competition resulting in price reduction.

As business kept on shaping, Aerolink realized that they could not break even if they kept on operating daily flights to Murchison Falls National Park and as such, they decided to make sure that for all those who want to fly to Murchison Falls National Park must do so on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with set conditions which include: There must be a minimum number of four people booked and confirmed and all flights must happen in the afternoon. If anyone wants to fly on any other day, then a minimum of seven people must apply. The same thing applies to those interested in flying to Kidepo National Park as well. This has affected Uganda Tour operators who cannot raise a minimum of four people and matching clients to fly on the specified dates is not simple

The good news is that since its inception, they have never increased their flight fares and have at least maintained two scheduled flights to Kihihi as well as Kasese Airstrip. The morning flight departs Entebbe Airport at 7:30am arriving an hour later at Kihihi or Kasese. The afternoon flight departs Entebbe at 12:30pm and arrives Kihihi or Kasese at 13:45hrs. For those departing from Kihihi to Entebbe, the craft leaves Kihihi at 9:45am and lands at Entebbe at 11:20hrs. Afternoon flight departs Kihihi at 14:30 and arrives Entebbe at 15:30hrs.

For those interested in flying to the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or to Queen Elizabeth National Park for game drives to search for the tree climbing lions as well as boat cruise on kazinga channel should contact Encounter Africa safaris who will be in position to book you a fly in safari at affordable prices, check and inform you about the available seats and then advise you if you can connect to your destination on the first or last day. As a tour operator, we are extended some commission which we are willing to share with you should you book a fly in safari with us. For all updates concerning Aerolink scheduled flights, do not hesitate to contact us directly and should you be satisfied with our service, please go ahead and recommend us to your families and friends.

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