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Tourists that come to Uganda tend to seek more time with mountain gorillas of the Bwindi Impenetrable national Park, Magahinga National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Before we look at the advantage of trekking gorillas twice, there several reasons why people want to do so. Tourists start planning for their holidays way in advance and most of those that include gorilla trekking in their itinerary always want the best of the activity. Because gorilla trekking is a bit expensive and also far away in Africa, they try to make sure that they would rather spend more and do this activity once and forever. Other feel that they could miss seeing gorillas on their first trek and as such they book a second trek so that they can try again. Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda is well organized that chances of seeing gorillas are 98%. This means that even if you trek once or twice, chances of seeing gorillas are very high

Advantage of trekking gorillas twice either in Uganda or Rwanda

The advantage of trekking gorillas twice is that you get a chance to spend enough time with the gorillas. The first trek gives you the first opportunity and the second one does the same. In other words, you get two hours with the gorillas which compared to one trek. If you so wish, you can ask for another gorilla family so that you get an opportunity to trek two different families and compare experiences. With one gorilla trek, one does not have that opportunity and you have to experience what you get for that one hour which is allowed

Another advantage is if you don’t get exactly what you want on the first trek, you can try on the second trek. This is an advantage to those that have booked two gorilla treks. At Encounter Africa Safaris, we do not have any problem with those that want to trek gorillas twice and if you contact us for that, we will check availability and book it for you so that you enjoy the advantage of trekking gorillas twice. For those that want to spend more hours with the gorillas, we recommend gorilla habituation experience which gives you four hours instead

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