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A Day in life of a gorilla ranger

Gorilla tracking is one of the highlight activities in Uganda and Uganda and chances of seeing gorillas in both countries is over 90%. This is because this gorilla trekking exercise is highly organized by Uganda Wildlife Authority staff based in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and mgahinga.

It should be noted that paying united states Dollars 600 in Uganda and USD750 in Rwanda to buy a permit and you fail to see gorillas can be hurting. In order to avoid this, park authorities have endeavored by all means that tourists see gorillas and it all comes down to the hard work by gorilla rangers.

These gorilla rangers wakeup very early to track where gorillas are in the forest. They normally start this exercise at 5pm or 6pm to try and located where different gorilla families are and when they finally find them, they will study if they are in good moods to be visited before communicating to the park headquarters. They will not leave the forest until they are joined by tourists. This is because of the fact that mountain gorillas can be mobile and keep moving. This advance group of ranges have to keep following then while communicating to the gorilla guides of their where about. Once tourists get to the gorillas, the advanced group will then step aside and wait for the tourists to view and photograph mountain gorillas for one hour and then return back to the park headquarters with them.

This is not an easy task as these ranges have to leave their homes very early every day to spend almost the whole day in the forest. When they eventually come back, they expect some tip from tourists for motivation purposes. That’s why we normally encourage each client to tip at least 10 Dollars per person which should be given to the lead guide who will in turn share it with the rangers. Normally when they get such tips, they will drink a beer with their friends and save some to cater for their family.

Before coming to Uganda or Rwanda, you need to know that chances of you seeing gorillas depends very much on the organization of Rangers and guide and that they should be appreciated by offering a tip which keeps them going. In order to make their life simpler, we also caution you that gorilla tracking can be strenuous and a certain level of fitness may be required so in order not to delay others, please do some physical exercises before planning to come for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

We at Encounter Africa Safaris encourage you to come for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga National Park and we will arrange your gorilla permits, book accommodation for you depending on the region you will be trekking gorillas plus transport and driver guide. You can combine your gorilla trek with other national parks such as Kibale National Park for chimpanzee trekking or Qyeen Elizabeth National Park for game drives and boat cruises.

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