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Uganda is one among the few African nations with a lot of things to see when it comes to Uganda safari but most of it has been undiscovered. Encounter Africa safaris is glad to introduce to you 7 best places for safari in Uganda.  With 10 National Parks gazatted for game and wildlife viewing, 54  ethnic groups, over 100 bird species, River Nile and Lake Victoria, The Snow capped mountains of the Rwenzori, you have all reasons for you to visit Uganda in 2020-21. 7 top National Park to do safari in Uganda include the below.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Located in southwestern Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable National Park has the highest number of mountain gorillas in the whole world. According to the latest census conducted, Bwindi impenetrable National Park has recorded 450 individuals living in the dense forest of Bwindi with 50 mountain gorilla families of which 19 families are habituated for gorilla trekking. You can include normall gorilla treks and or gorilla habituation experience in your Uganda safari for 2020-21. Let’s take care of your gorilla safari to Bwindi by booking gorilla permits and all services.

Sample gorilla safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

uganda safaris to bwindi to see gorillas

Mgahinga gorilla National Park

Mgahinga gorilla national park is yet another small but exciting gorilla safari park were one can do a variety of activities ranging from gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking and habituation experience, batwa walk and bird watching.  Those interested in hiking mountain, you can choose from Mgahinga, Muhavura and Sabyinyo. Please click here for Uganda safaris that include Mgahinga gorillas and then here for Hiking safaris in Mgahinga National Park.

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest National Park located in western Uganda is the best place in Africa to see wild but habituated chimpanzees. Kibale has more than 11 primate species, birds and tree species that can be seen in any of the designed trails in the forest. It has abundant bird life as well as forest mammals than can be spotted. Come do bird watching, chimp trekking and chimpanzee habitation experience.

Uganda Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in western Uganda and about 6-7 hours drive from either Entebbe international Airport or Kigali International Airport, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places for safari in Uganda when it comes to game viewing. Visit the southern part of these maganificent National park to locate tree climbing lions and other game, visit the northern sector for game drives in Kasenyi plains and a boat cruise on Kazinga channel. You can also visit Maramagambo forest for a forest walk or opt for chimpanzee walks in Kyambura or Karinzu. For more details about Uganda safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park please do contact us.

Sample safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park with gorillas and chimps

uganda safari stop at the equator

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is located in Northern Uganda and is one of the best place that you should endeavor to include in your Uganda safari. It’s a park where you get to see the big 5 in their natural habitat. Enjoy game drives in para as well as a boat cruise to Murchison Falls referred to as the most powerful falls on planet earth and or a boat ride to the delta region to witness how river nile meanders to join Albert Nile.  High chances of spotting lions, giraffes, leopard, hippos, white Rhinos at Zziwa sanctuary and chimpanzee trekking in Budongo. Click here for safaris that include a visit to Murchison Falls National Park.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest of all wildlife National Park in Uganda. It is the closes from Kampala and a good starting point for Uganda safaris and a good stopper point to gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Game drives in Lake Mburo are a highlight with chances of sporting leopard, giraffes, imparas and so many wild animals in the park. There is a boat cruise on the lake providing an opportunity to spot water animals and bird. You can do cycling or safari on foot or do horse riding in the park. On your way to Lake Mburo, you will not miss to meet the Ankole long horned cows plus s stop at the equator crossing. For more information about Uganda safari to Lake Mburo, please contact us.

Uganda Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

Located in the far North Eastern part of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park has the biggest herd of buffaloes in the whole world. Kidepo Valley National Park has been on several occasions voted the best place to safari in Africa. This National Park is the best place for game safari to spot lions, giraffes, zebras and other rare animals such as leopards and cheaters. Orstriches can also be spotted in Kidepo valley. While in Kidepo valley National Park, don’t forget to visit the Kajonogo and Ike people for cultural dances and performances. Click here for Uganda safaris to Kidepo National Park

Mountain Rwenzori for hiking safaris

Rwenzori mountains are located in western Uganda and are the only snow capped mountains situated along the equator believed to be the hottest spot on planet earth. You can include hiking to the top of this mountain on your Uganda safari. It takes 8 or so days to reach the top of this snow capped mountains. Encounter Africa safaris operates hiking safaris to the Rwenzoris and here are a sample.

Responsible ethics while on safari in Uganda.

Encounter Africa safaris believes that your safari in Uganda should benefit the community and contribute to conservation of the environment which is the basis of Uganda tourism. We encourage you to visit the locals either on a community or village walk on your uganda safari to understand how their day today looks like and or volunteer in projects that help the communities. Such projects include schools, women groups, marginalized groups such as the Batwa. You can as well volunteer in projects like tree planting among others. Encounter Africa safaris works hand in hand with some community and environmental conservation project near all the above mentioned National Park and we will be glad to recommend any so that your visit to Uganda impacts on the well being of people of Uganda and their surroundings.


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