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Uganda wildlife Authority announced her 2016 tariffs with some few changes and offers on 2016-2017 discounted chimpanzee permits. The welcomes news on these new tariffs was the introduction of 2016-2017 Discounted chimpanzee permits in Uganda costing USD100.00 for foreign none residents and USD75.00 for Foreign residents in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda. 2016-2017 Discounted chimpanzee permits in Uganda takes off with immediate effect for those booking chimpanzee permits for 2016 and 2017 in the month of April, May and November 2016 and 2017 considered as low seasons here in Uganda. Discounted chimpanzee permits apply to Kibale National park which is by far the best place to trek habituated communities of chimps in Africa. In this forest, tourists have a chance to spot about 11 primate species and a variety of forest birds some of which are endemic to Kibale Forest National Park.

2016-2017 Discounted chimpanzee permits

Tourists can now combine gorilla and chimp trekking in Uganda and safe up to USD350.00 of gorilla and chimpanzee permits. We do organize 5 day gorilla and chimpanzee safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Kibale Forest National park with a chance of passing through queen Elizabeth National Park. Please contact us for the best offer during low seasons of April, May and June.

Just like low season gorilla permits, discounted chimpanzee permits are booked and paid for in full and are none transferable and refundable. To book you 2016-2017 Discounted chimpanzee permits for you, you will be required to let us know of the month, date, the number of people in your group to enable us check availability and book. The fact that all permits are booked and confirmed with cash payment at Uganda wildlife Authority, we will invoice you for this and once secured, we will send you scanned copies for your records. Be the first one to know and please spread the message

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