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In this article of 2018-19 gorilla trekking family allocation, we try to bring you or educate you on how mountain gorillas are allocated to different tourists while in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Initially when gorilla tracking had just started, Rwanda and Uganda had different ways in which gorilla families would be allocated. While Rwanda looked at special interested of each individual, Uganda used to allocate gorilla permits per each habituated mountain gorilla family. For example, by then, there were 10 gorilla families located in in different regions and each with a different name. A lot of information was available on internet and tourists would read about each gorilla family and in return would ask for a gorilla family of their choice. This therefore meant that gorilla families that had few members of no silverback or no kids would not be booked. Those days for example, Mubare gorilla group used to be the least booked while Rushegura gorilla family was the most booked. This would not only lead to shortage of gorilla permits but also revenue. They had to follow Rwanda in order to maximize gorilla permit sales.

How is 2018-19 gorilla trekking family allocation?

After abolishing the allocation of permits per gorilla family, Uganda Wildlife Authority introduced gorilla permit allocation by region best on tourists interests such as age, physical fitness among others. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is divided into four regions of Ruhija in the east, Buhoma in North, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the south. Each region as its own habituated mountain gorillas. 2018-19 gorilla trekking family allocation gives you a chance to book your gorilla permit in a given region/location and its from that region that you can then ask for a gorilla family that suites your interest. Interests can be requested at the time of trekking and not at booking. In other word you come to Bwindi well knowing the region you are going to trek your mountain gorillas but you will not to know the gorilla family until on trekking day when allocation is done. Encounter Africa safaris is one of the leading Tour Operators in organizing primate safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and now Congo an d will help you with all the information concerning 2018-19 gorilla trekking family allocation.

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