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Uganda was mainly looked as an expensive destination but with 2017 low season discounts in Uganda, it is becoming increasingly affordable for one to visit Uganda and explore what the country has to offer. Uganda wildlife Authority has from time to time offered low season discounts on permits and also called upon other stakeholders such as tour operators and hoteliers to follow suite

2017 Low season discounts in Uganda

Among the most exciting 2016 low season discounts in Uganda are gorilla permits which are now costing USD450.00 for Foreign Nonresidents and USD400.00 for Foreign residents. With these discounts, one can trek gorillas and save USD150.00 off each gorilla permit booked and confirmed during low season window of April, May and November 2017 and all through to 2018. This is official and documented in Uganda Wildlife Authority 2016-2017 tariffs.

The other introduction to 2017 low season discounts in Uganda are discounted chimpanzee permits for Kibale National Park. This discount rate/price is USD100.00 per person per trek for foreign none residents and USD70.00 for foreign residents living in East Africa. They also apply to the months of April, May and November 2017and 2018. Discounted chimpanzee permits allows one to trek chimps in the morning or the afternoon.

Besides the above, one can also benefit from 2016 low season discounts in Uganda offered by lodges and tour operators. Lodges offer up to 30% discounts on lodge rates and by travelling in low season, you enjoy this off season affordable rates. You can contact Encounter Africa Safaris for your three day gorilla safari or five day gorilla and chimpanzee safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kibale forest National Park and be able to save up to USD250.00 off total tour prices. For more information about 2017 low season discounts in Uganda that will continue all through to 2018, kindly contact one of Encounter Africa Safaris designers who will send you an affordable quote for your tour.

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