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There things that make Uganda a unique safari destination in Africa. Uganda is a small county located in the Eastern part of Africa bordering Kenya in the East, Southern Sudan in the North, Rwanda in south east and Tanzania in the south. From the mountain gorillas in the Bwindi, chimpanzees in Kibale National Park and Budongo, Snow capped mountains of the Rwenzori to the source of the Nile, Uganda is absolutely an outstanding safari destination to visit. Yet undiscovered, Uganda has a lot to offer when it comes to safari activities in Africa. Uganda has several unique and special things and activities that you can never find anywhere on the globe. Today we look at why you should choose to book a Uganda safari this year. 10 Special things to see and do on a Uganda safari. Because of its uniqueness, Uganda was named the pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill.

10 Unique things to see and do in Uganda include

  • The rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Snow capped Mountain Rwenzori
  • The equator crossing at Kayabwe, Kikorongo and in Lake Victoris
  • People and different cultures
  • Flesh foods and fruits
  • Primate capital of Africa
  • National Parks for wildlife viewing
  • Source of the Nile and associated activities
  • Lake victoria the largest flesh water lake
  • Best Climate on African continent.

Exciting Mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga.

Its only in Uganda among other three countries that you can add gorilla trekking on your safari. Mountain gorillas are found in only three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Uganda’s gorilla trekking stands out because this country has the highest number of mountain gorillas in the whole world. According to gorilla census which was conducted in 2018, it put the number of mountain gorillas in Bwindi alone at 459 individuals. The same census has established that Bwindi alone has 50 mountain gorilla families living in this big forest. With two national parks that have habituated mountain gorillas in the whole world, Uganda becomes a special safari destination that one should consider when trying to book an African safari.

Encounter Africa safaris has assembled affordable and value for money gorilla trekking tours to enable you enjoy a gorilla trekking to Bwindi or Mgahinga. We can as well tailor your safari to suite your interest.

Source of the Nile and associated activities

What makes Uganda a special safari destination in Africa is that it has the source of the Nile. River Nile is the longest river on planet earth and its source in Uganda Jinja Uganda. If you have not been to Uganda, it means that you have not seen where the longest River on planet earth begins. Encounter Africa safaris operates day trips to Jinja to visit the source of river Nile. Take a boat ride and observe how and where the Nile water separates itself from Lake Victoria waters to start its journey to Egypt via Sudan. Lots of adventure activities such as Kayaking and white water rafting take place on the Nile. Feel free to contact Encounter Africa safaris to book you the above activities on the Nile.

Lake Victoria boat cruises

Lake Victoria is the largest flesh water lake in Africa and one of its portion is in Uganda. If you ever think of seeing the largest flesh water lake, then one of the countries to visit is Uganda. Encounter Africa safaris operates boat excursions to explore the lake and its associated islands, you may visit Ssese Islands and spend 2-3 nights. (Highly recommended for honeymooners). You can visit Ngamba Island to view orphaned chimpanzees and or take a sunset or sun downer boat excursion on the Lake. You can also do sport fishing to catch tilapia and Nile perch. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for more details about what to do on Lake Victoria.

Snow capped mountain Rwenzori

Its captive and unbelievable to believe that one can find snow in any part of Africa more especially astride the equator. If you want to see a mountain that has snow and is along the equator believed to have the highest temperatures, then it is a must to visit Uganda. Rwenzori Mountain is the largest block mountain ranges in Africa with snow at its peak. Visit Uganda and hike Rwenzori mountains by booking any of our hiking safaris and adventures by Encounter Africa safaris. We have assembled hiking trips ranging from 4 to 8 days and more. Encounter Africa safaris arranges all that you need to successfully hike or trek Rwenzori.

Favorite climate and weather conditions

Uganda has one of the best climate in the whole world. Uganda enjoys an average temperature of 26-29 Degrees centigrade and as low as 16-20 Degrees at Night in Some places. There is no winter or summer periods making Uganda one of the best destinations to visit while on your Africa safari. Are you tired of the harsh winter or summer conditions in America, Europe or Asia? Book a safari to Uganda and enjoy this beautiful weather that is enjoyed by Uganda throughout the whole year. Book long Uganda safaris with us and we will guarantee you the best experience ever.

The Equator crossing at Kayabwe, Lake Victoria and Kikorongo

Uganda is one of the few African countries that are closed by the Equator. Because of this, Uganda enjoys one of the best weather throughout the whole year. Have you ever stepped in the south and northern hemisphere at the same time? Most of Encounter Africa safaris trips will have you stop at the equator for experiments to prove to you that indeed Uganda is one of the countries that lies in the middle of the world. Enjoy a photo moment, a cup of coffee as well as shopping crafts. All our Uganda safaris that go to South-western Uganda have you stop at the equator on your way to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and or Lake Mburo National Park. You will meet the equator along Kampala-Masaka road, Bushenyi-Kasese road or when you take a boat ride on Lake Victoria. Let Encounter Africa safaris take you there.

Flesh food and fruits

Uganda is a food basket of Africa. Because of its favorite climatic conditions, Ugandans grow a variety of food and fruits organically. There is no doubt that the very day you step in Uganda, you will realize that each family has a plantation be it for coffee, matoke, tea and fruits. Ask those who have visited Uganda and they will tell you that it is a country with great food and fruits. Contact us fore more details about our safaris.

People and culture of Ugandans

Uganda has over 54 ethnic groups all located in different regions of the country. Each ethnic or cultural group has different cultural attributes in the way they dress, dance, way of living among others. From the Baganda in the central, to the Banyankole, Bakiga, Batoro, Banyoro [, Bakonjo in the west, the Kajongs in North East as well as Basoga and Bagisu in the east, booking a cultural tour in Uganda will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime.

The above notwithstanding, any visit to Uganda’s country side and National Park, you will enjoy a variety of wildlife including game in National Park, primates that include chimps, golden monkeys, gorillas among others. Encounter Africa safaris organizes group and private tours from 2 to over 20 days for your to explore Uganda at its best. Visit our trip advisor and Safari bookings platforms to check our what our former clients say about our service.

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